RS Legal Strategy Ltd (RSL) is a pioneering Queen’s Counsel-led business crime, fraud and legal strategy boutique.

Our world-class professionals include:

  • Queen’s Counsel & Junior barristers
  • Solicitors
  • A former special advisor to the Serious Fraud Office (SFO)
  • Two former investigators
  • Analysts and researchers
  • Tax fraud and compliance specialists

RSL has special expertise in UK DPAs and NPAs and offers an Independent Compliance Monitor or Reviewer.

RSL works with corporates, organisations, private offices and individuals providing early, conflict free, first-rate strategic advice on complex and sensitive legal issues.

Our priority is to avoid litigation by identifying solutions or resolving disputes. If litigation becomes necessary, we provide first-class support in court – meaning advocacy both oral and in writing. From the outset, clients or their general counsel deal directly with our Queen’s Counsel. When acting for major corporates, if the provision of a large or international infrastructure becomes necessary RSL collaborates with full service law firms or business advisory firms. For individuals and SMEs, RSL prepares and litigates trials without additional support from a law firm, reducing the overall cost.

We employ former senior UK law enforcement investigators to provide expert analysis and invaluable strategic advice.

This gives our clients a major tactical advantage.  Our in-house solicitors will attend Serious Fraud Office and police station interviews, after discussing all relevant issues with one of our Queen’s Counsels.

RSL conducts internal investigations and works alongside in-house lawyers who understand the underlying business.

We identify and gather relevant facts and provide unparalleled strategic advice and expertise. Our professionals have first-hand experience of self-reporting and negotiating with the Serious Fraud Office and other regulators. Our team have negotiated non-prosecution outcomes and handled Deferred Prosecution Agreements in multiple cases. Our Queens Counsels and barristers have been instructed to advise on and appear as Leading Counsel in some of the largest Serious Fraud Office investigations and prosecutions.

We have international reach and expertise.

Our team has experience working with individuals, businesses and government in foreign and transnational cases. RSL recently formed a strategic alliance with Affiliated Monitors, Inc (AFI), the most renowned independent compliance monitoring and evaluation company in the US. The alliance boosts the capabilities of both companies by pooling resources and knowledge for our clients, particularly with regards to the US and the area of monitoring.

Our business model maximises performance, ensuring the best possible outcome while reducing costs.


RS Legal Strategy are willing to negotiate hourly or fixed rates depending on the seniority of the fee earner and/or the complexity of the case. For more information please contact us by Phone +44(0)20 3655 7801 or Email: info@rslegalstgrategy.co.uk

Lay and professional clients can ask for a quote. Quotations will be provided if sufficient information has been provided by the client, and the barrister or fee earner at RS Legal are willing to provide the legal services. Quotations will be provided within a reasonable time period, and in clear and readily understandable terms.

Factors that may influence the timescale of the provision of the most common provided legal services; can be adjournments, failure to provide important information or evidence, delays in experts or witnesses attendance the provision of unexpected information.