Proceeds of Crime, Retraint, Receivership and Management Receivership

  • Obtaining restraint and management receivership orders against a group of 20 companies under investigation for VAT diversion fraud
  • Obtaining freezing orders and Norwich Pharmacal orders on behalf of a foreign stock exchange compromised by cyber hackers. Carbon credit awards were transferred to the London Stock Exchange, where they were spot traded.
  • Obtaining a criminal restraint order on behalf of an overseas government in the context of an overseas civil fraud claim before a High Court Judge sitting in the Commercial Court. Dealing with the tension between a restraint order and a civil freezing order. Locking down hundreds of millions of euros in assets that did not represent the proceeds of crime in the event that they may be needed later to satisfy an overseas compensation order.
  • Applying to discharge or vary a restraint order on behalf of a third party – an ex-wife whose matrimonial home had been restrained when her ex-husband was charged with a sigificant boiler room fraud.