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Cedric Andrew

Cedric Andrew

Senior Researcher, analyst fraud and tax specialist

As a former Deputy Chief Investigation Officer with HM Customs & Excise and latterly HM Revenue & Customs, Cedric has over 35 year experience of criminal and civil investigations. During this time, Cedric was responsible for many major investigations and prosecutions of cases involving VAT, Customs, Excise, Sanctions and Export Controls. Cedric also has extensive experience of working with law enforcement and intelligence agencies both in the UK around the world. After leaving HMRC, Cedric was appointed to the International Monetary Fund Panel of Fiscal Experts and has undertaken over 20 international assignments for the Fund advising tax administrations on measures to improve compliance and counter tax and customs fraud.  In addition, Cedric has been the Managing Consultant for a leading provider of VAT, Customs and Excise consultancy services, where he specialised in counter investigations for businesses involved in fiscal disputes.

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