Transparency International

Mark Rainsford Q C is speaking several times this week in Colombo, Sri Lanka, at the invitation of Transparency International Sri Lanka, the Senior Lawyers Project -UK and Role UK, Advocates for International Development. There will be a number of Proceeds of Crime, Bribery and Corruption seminars at Transparency International Sri Lanka’s  week- long Proceeds of Crime Forum for lawyers, law enforcement officers and members of civil society.

Mark Rainsford Q.C. was interviewed on live television today by Faraz Shauketaly, the main anchor on TV1 News, Sri Lanka’s main news channel: see

WATCH LIVE : News 1st NEWSLINE with Faraz Shauketaly – 10/09/2019 #NewsLineWithFaraz #NewsLine #lka #SriLanka #News1st #FacebookLive #LiveStream

with Faraz Shauketaly – 10/09/2019 #NewsLineWithFaraz #NewsLine #lka #SriLanka #News1st #FacebookLive #LiveStream

This follows Mark Rainsford Q.C’s  speakiing engagements at Bejing’s CIETAC’s and British China Training Scheme International Arbitration Conference in January 2019, on behalf of the Bar Council.